Business Relationships: Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

Want More Patrons? We show you how.



We help you find and retain more long term patrons.


Why GateWay Marketing Online?

People prefer to do business with those they know, like and trust. To earn their trust, your business should first increase visibility and credibility to reach profitability. We specialise in small businesses start-ups and non/not-for-profit organisations.

Small budgets keep us fast and efficient. Weather it’s your first website or a high priority problem with your existing website, we will fix it… fast. We’re quick to scope projects and don’t mess with RFPs; saving you considerable time. They also keep us flexible. Have you been turned away by some big agency? We always have time for you and will begin your project immediately.

Instead of being held hostage by expensive programmers and the latest tricks to tame the Google monster, our 20yrs of Web design and development experience deliver holistic online business systems with complete, line item, service packages. We offer automated, full-featured, websites that are easy for you to maintain and update with no code and no additional cost. We’ll even train you to edit and maintain your site or do it all for you.

We use a system to help even complete newbies increase their visibility, credibility and profitability. Yes, we are able to build Enterprise level Social Media Marketing platforms but advise our clients to start small and reinvest in themselves for greater financial stability.

Support and Maintenance


Was your site hacked? Did your latest update break it? We’ll patch you up in our safe staging area, back you up and you’re welcome to stay as long as your satisfied; no contracts or other cell/mobile phone tricks. Do you need a much larger site? Specialised security? Custom programming? Our network of certified experts is here to help.

Solutions evolve at the speed of communication. Combined with careful planning and a passion for your customers, we have built a team to maximise our efficiency and minimise your costs. Our use of new age technology like Google Drive for Client Relations Management and Human Resource/Operations Management enables entire teams to solve your online problems for you.

How may we help you?

Plan: Develop an integrated digital strategy to define new segmentation, targeting and positioning for your online value proposition

Reach: Publish and promote your content, allow sharing to other outposts, networks and influencers. Draw people to your website

Act: Be worth finding via clear customer journeys and a website that is relevant, inspirational useful and creates leads

Convert: Capitalise on marketing investment using CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), marketing automation and remarketing to ensure contextual relevance drives conversion

Engage: Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referrals.