Old Fashioned Values meet New Age Technology

Cory BufordNew Age Technology

I’m Cory Buford and I began building Web sites in 1997 to help people share their knowledge and creative ideas.

When I received my 16th Birthday gift of choice in 1989, a Commodore 64c and my first 1200bps modem later that year, I discovered a digital frontier to reshape the human condition. After 7yrs. of exchanging ideas and sharing resources on over 40 local computer networks, I began looking for a way to unite these communities.

While working on my degrees in Information Systems & Operations Management (Supply Chain Management) and Marketing, I grew to understand the opportunities and challenges my Uncle Bob enjoyed as an Entrepreneur and the positive influence my Uncle Mark had on entire families as a Human Resource Manager. But how could I help entire families enjoy the same opportunities?

I began building my first affiliate site, a static Web site with dynamic code to customise the visitor’s experience and supplemented my income by writing everything from advertising copy to in depth technical reviews. Fortunately, by the time I was downsized in 2003, I was already making a little money from my affiliate sites and helping others do the same with a then new blogging concept known as WordPress.

Heather BufordOld Fashioned Values

I’m Heather (Bryan) Buford; a 5yr. veteran of the temporary work force with over 20yrs. customer service, 8yrs tech support and a degree in Journalism. So I guess you could say I’m a flexible people reader, creative problem solver with a degree in customer engagement. I’m the creative and social right half to Cory’s logical left hemisphere.

After meeting Cory in 2000, I began helping with lead generation, mailing lists, relationship marketing and customer service. My day job in data entry offers me the flexibility to meet outside of normal business hours for training and other technical support as a Certified Apple Sales Professional; equally proficient in Microsoft Office. I also volunteer my time helping local churches and other non/not-for-profit organisations to connect those in need with available resources while learning to become self sufficient.



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