Content Management Services

Content Management Services

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Frustrated trying to keep up with website, social media & email newsletter? We can help!

Do-it-yourself is great! When you have time. And you have skills. We learned that in the home improvement realm. (Don’t even ask!)

If you are experiencing frustration trying to keep your website, email and social media updated, we can help!

Content Management Services is a “we do it for you” package.  You send us your information (“content”) by email, and we take care of putting it in your site, creating email newsletters and posting to social media channels.

Every organization is a little different, so we organize the scope of services around your needs, but for a flat monthly fee, here’s what is included:

  • We create separate posts in the blog function of your WordPress site for each news item.  If you don’t have a WordPress website yet, we can help you create a free site just for your news.
  • We create email newsletters and marketing campaigns based on an agreed upon schedule (usually weekly, twice monthly or monthly).  You will get a proof copy 24 hours before your regular send time, and we make corrections as needed.
  • We set up scheduled auto-posting from your website to Facebook and other social media, so that your followers stay in the loop about all your events and news.

Depending on the amount of content involved and frequency of publishing, your costs might range from $100 to $400 per month.

Email us to inquire about Content Management Services for your organization and get a free quote.

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