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Email newsletters can focus on a number of goals: event promotion, education, community-building, donor development, and more. . Bet Hannon will meet with you to determine your organization’s needs and develop a customized template for your newsletter that reflects your organization (including logos, graphic themes and photos).

Assistance in developing your mailing list can also be provided.  Multiple lists of recipients can be developed, targeting different groups within your organization.  The power of email newsletters is really unleashed when it includes links that take readers back to your website for more information. Once we get you started, you can choose among these options: .

  • Train Your Staff   Bet Hannon can train you or your staff to produce your emailed newsletters.  No special technical expertise is necessary— if you can operate MS Office, you can learn to use this web-based software.  The training includes not just technical aspects, but best practices in email marketing and graphic design. .
  • Produce Your Newsletter   Sometimes you don’t have the time, skills or resources to produce in-house.  Bet Hannon can receive your ready-for-publication articles and photos, edit them into your newsletter template for you, send you a draft, and when ready, send out the newsletter to your mailing list.  Bet can also follow up on bounced emails and spam reports. .

We use Constant Contact® , the industry-leading email marketing service for non-profits and small businesses, serving over 400,000 organizations.  Email marketing by Constant Contact® makes it easy, effective and highly affordable to connect with your audience to build strong, successful and lasting relationships with them. Click on the image below and explore Constant Contact with a free 60-day trial.

If you use Constant Contact ( the service provide we are most familiar with), we do offer the service of customizing an email template at a very affordable cost.  Contact us for details!


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