How it Works (NfP)

How it Works
So exactly how does this work? Who does what? We’ve tried to make it simple. Here’s what the program basic service at $20 per month includes:

Your Church:

Selects a WordPress theme (template) from the our offered “off-the rack” options
Creates a Google calendar if you don’t have one (or opts not to have a calendar page)
Creates the pages of your site by adding text and images
Your church can at no additional cost choose to:

Create unlimited additional pages (as well as delete pages)
Edit the navigation menu (including creating sub-pages) and sidebar boxes
Upload .pdf documents (for example, forms or flyers)
Add additional SEO (search engine optimization) keywords to any page of your website (to help Google find you!)
Affordable Church Websites:

Creates a simple 5-7 page website (Home, About, Worship, Ministries, Calendar (optional, Google calendar embed only), News Feed (optional), and Contact us (with contact form), with some easily replaced placeholder content, except for Calendar & Contact us
Installs a basic package of plugins for additional functionality, including visitor metrics
Installs a non-financial SSL, which does not include insurance for financial transactions, but does remove insecure browser warnings and keep your site from being demoted in rankings by search engines like Google.
Launches your site on your domain name
Creates user accounts with access to your website
Sets up minimal SEO (search engine optimization) for the home page only, with keywords tied to church name, denomination and location (local-users can add more SEO)
Provides administrative maintenance for routine WordPress core files and plugin updates
Provides local church users a handout with simple instructions on using WordPress, and points users toward other helpful how-to resources
Takes a nightly backup of your website so it can be restored if needed, and stores it off-server as an added precaution
A part of keeping the costs of this program affordable is spreading the costs of developing your site over time, so we ask for a three year commitment when you sign up (with an option to buy-out early if needed). To minimize bookkeeping costs, the monthly fee must be either set up as a recurring monthly credit card charge or paid by check on an annual basis ($240 per year). You can also pay annually by credit card.

We hope you will love the Affordable Church Website Program, but if your church decides to leave the Program, the website you build with us could be easily migrated to a new hosting account with minimal loss of data, and your church can take the theme (template) you were using at the time of departure at no additional cost— our gift to you.

If this sounds good to you, email us today!

Additional website options and services are offered as a la carte add-ons.