How it Works (Business)

How it Works
We can set up a custom-designed website of 5-10 pages for you, using your logos & colors, working with you to develop effective content (text and images). Content from an existing website can be migrated to your new site. The one-time setup fee for a site begins at $1150. (Additional fees apply for larger sites or more complex features, like e-commerce or membership sites.) If you are a church or faith community, click here!

Then choose from two levels of on-going service:

Basic for $20/month You manage all the content (no knowledge of code required!), and we handle the hosting, backups, software updates and website security. In the event your site goes down, we deal with troubleshooting and/or restoring your site. We are available for help with content management at an affordable hourly rate.

We use WordPress as a content management system for our sites, including this one. WordPress has a simple user-interface that doesn’t require knowledge of codes. If you can run standard office applications for word processing, you can run WordPress. While we provide excellent video & written instructions for managing your site, some people learn better one-on-one, and tutoring is available.

Webmaster for $50/month Don’t want to learn to manage your own site? Just want to hand off website changes to someone who will do it for you? This Webmaster level is for you! We become your webmaster. All the Basic level features are covered, plus up to one hour a month of content management. Most simple text changes can be done in <15 minutes, and we will give you plenty of warning before you exceed your included hour. Need more time some months? We simply bill by the hour after that. Which plan should you choose? If you won’t be making changes to your website very often–say only every other month or so– you might want to start with the Basic plan. If you have more than a couple of small changes every month or more, and don’t have the time or skills to make them yourself, then choose the Webmaster plan. We offer discounts to 501(c)3 non-profits – contact us for more details. We run a special website program for churches & faith communities. Set up a free 30 minute consultation with Bet Hannon about developing a website for your business or organization!