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Skip any of the following and you’ll be leaving money on the table.

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Our clients are mostly non-profit organizations and small businesses, who focus on “relational marketing,” seeking to build connections with members or loyalty from their customers.  We specialize in working with organizations and businesses on a budget, helping clients figure out how use available low-cost tools effectively for their organization.

Bet Hannon can help you with:

  • Websites   We can get a WordPress website (like this one) set up for you and show you how easy it is to maintain and update it.
  • Content Management Services  We can provide a “do it for you” package of website updates, email marketing and social media management.
  • Event Registrations ..Have an event you’d like to take online registrations for, including payments by credit card?  We can show you how!
  • Email Newsletters ..We can help you set up an email “marketing” account and help you get started with easy-to-use templates.  We can customize templates for your organization with your colors and logos.
  • Educational Workshops ..Looking to learn more about websites?  Check out our workshops!
  • Private Coaching ..We can show you how to do websites, email newsletters and more in a one-on-one setting. .